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Personal Safety Guidelines & Tips

P2Meet is an honest and transparent platform where consenting adults meet to enjoy a meal together. P2Meet shall be growing daily and expanding globally, which is why user safety is a priority.

Meeting people, either online or being introduced, is surely exciting however, you should always ensure that you look after your safety and well-being. We created P2Meet so that people can have a safe and secure platform to easily seek and negotiate for an agreement to enjoy a Wonderful companion experience.

Therefore, we strongly urge you to follow these safety guidelines for your benefit and remember that they are not intended to substitute for your judgment.  You are always the best judge of your safety.

Meeting Online

Protect Your Personal Information


Keep your identifying information private. Don’t include email, home address, work address, financial information or any other identifying information in your chat messages.  Any negotiations, arrangements or discussion of meeting up on your offer can be conducted via chat messages.  Do not communicate via voice or video call.  If you received voice or video calls, require them for chat messaging.


Report and block anyone who asks you to share this kind of personal information, information that could compromise your privacy, safety or security, or anyone whom you feel is suspicious. We won't let the person know that you reported them.


Protect your Finances 


Never provide your bank details, transfer any funds or make a donation to anyone. Stop communication with anyone who attempts to pressure or trick you into revealing financial information. 


P2Meet is not liable for any funds transferred or any monetary transactions which occur due to you providing such information. 


However, do report it to us immediately should you have any suspicions of said behavior.

Contact your bank and local law enforcement right away if you think you’ve sent money to a scammer.


Watch Out for Scams


Scammers may try to use fake or compromised accounts to trick you into giving them money or personal information. If you've received a message that you believe is a scam, report the person to P2Meet instead of replying.


Common warning signs include when a scammer:


  • Asking for personal details and financial information. 


  • Claims to be in love very quickly to persuade you to meet you without wanting to pay you.


  • Confirmed to meet, but claims that something bad happened and cancels the appointment.


  • Asks you to wire money or send gifts or gift cards.


Scammers might ask for money to cover travel, medical emergencies, hotel bills, hospital bills or visas. Remember that any online love interest that asks for money is likely a scammer.

Report All Suspicious Behavior


Additionally, please report anyone who violates our terms and conditions. Examples of terms of use violations would be:


  • Introduction of any MLM or pyramid schemes

  • Minors using the platform

  • Members sending harassing messages or using abusive language

  • Members behaving inappropriately

  • Fraudulent or fake profiles

  • Spam or solicitation

Meeting in Person - Your Guest

Always negotiate via chat messaging


After you have successfully confirmed your offers to meet up for a meal, face-to-face.  Do take the necessary precautions and follow these guidelines:


Always meet in a public place or the best is at the Restaurant


It is much safer to meet in a public place where many other people are around, but the best is at the restaurant where you have offered to meet to have a meal together. And make sure someone you trust knows where you are.


Transport yourself to and from the meeting place


Always arrange your own transportation to and from your date to make sure that you have control over when you arrive and leave. Never agree to be picked up at your home.


Stay Sober & Monitor any alcohol or substance consumption


Consumption of alcohol or/and drugs may impair your best judgment, affect your behaviour and put you at risk.  It is important that you are of clear mind and ensure that your’s beverage/s and others consume and always keep your glass in hand or at your sight at all times.


Tell someone about your plans 


Always tell a trusted friend or family member about your plans before going out, including the exact location of your date and when you expect to be back home.


Share your location


Share your GPS location with a trusted friend or family member while you're out.


Make sure your mobile phone is charged 

Keep your mobile phone fully charged and with you in case of an emergency.


Never share personal information 


Never reveal identifying information like your home address, the location where you work, and financial details.


If You Feel Uncomfortable or Unsafe


If you ever feel pressured or uncomfortable, you can:


  • End the date and arrange your own transportation home.


  • Block anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable.


  • Report anyone you think is suspicious.

Support: Contact Support
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